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Yamaha HS3 (Pair, Black)

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Refining the essence of the respected HS series speakers in a more compact, creator-friendly housing, the HS3 Studio Monitors from Yamaha are two speakers, one active that powers both speakers, which have 2-way nearfield monitors with an accurate frequency response. Designed to deliver uncompromising audio quality for creatives with limited space, the HS3 monitors excel in applications such as music production and video editing.

The HS3 sports 0.75" dome tweeters and a 3.5" cone woofers fed by a 26W amplifier. The rear panel features 3-way room correction trim switches for boosting low frequencies and attenuating or boosting high frequencies, letting you quickly tune your speakers for your unique acoustic environment, while volume control is available on the front panel. XLR-1/4" combo, stereo 3.5mm, and stereo RCA inputs provide balanced and unbalanced connection options, while a dedicated front-panel 3.5mm headphone output lets you quickly switch between monitors and headphones for mixing reference or in-room recording. The HS3 studio monitors include a speaker cable, a stereo 3.5mm to RCA cable, and eight antislip pads.

About the HS Series
Ever since the 1970s, the iconic white woofer and signature sound of Yamaha's nearfield reference monitors have become a genuine industry standard for a reason—their accuracy. Unlike studio monitors with added bass or treble frequencies, which may sound more flattering at first, HS Series speakers were designed to give you the most honest, precise reference possible, providing an ideal sonic platform to build on throughout the mixing process.
By combining acquired knowledge and expertise with state-of-the-art sound technologies, Yamaha's speaker engineering team have examined, then optimized, every aspect that has contributed to making these monitors the most trusted in the business.

True to the Original
The HS3 continues the design philosophy and know-how of previous Yamaha studio monitors. No effort has been spared in the pursuit of the optimal product, and the resulting speakers comprise carefully selecting parts such as a high-performance class-D amp, a highly resilient MDF cabinet, and woofers and soft dome tweeters that deliver a sound that is faithful to the source despite their small size.
They also feature proprietary Twisted Flare Port technology that reduces air turbulence noise in the bass reflex port, providing clear and accurate bass. That’s the secret to why the HS3 delivers outstanding resolution, sound image, and depth, with a flat response across all bandwidths without any coloring of the original sound.

I/O and Controls to Fit Any Use Case
The rear panel of the HS3 is equipped with combination XLR-1/4" TRS, RCA, and 3.5mm jacks, allowing you to connect to a wide range of professional and consumer equipment such as computers, audio interfaces, audio mixers, and electric instruments. The most commonly used features—power button, volume knob, and headphone jack—are located in the front for easy access

Optimal Sound Tailored to Your Environment
The sound produced by speakers is sometimes affected by the surrounding environment. The rear panels of the HS3 are equipped with Room Control and High Trim functions that allow you to make adjustments to achieve the ideal sound for any environment, such as reducing the unneeded, exaggerated low-end that can often occur when speakers are placed next to walls.

Compact and Portable
The compact size of the HS3 is made possible thanks to the highly efficient Class-D amp. Using one amp for two speakers has enabled Yamaha to both reduce the weight of the speakers and simplify the cable connections. They take up little space even in a small bedroom studio, and are easy to take with you on the road.

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  • Yamaha HS3 Active 3.5" 2-Way Studio Monitors (Black)
  • Stereo 3.5mm to RCA Cable
  • Speaker Cable
  • 8 x Antislip Pad
Suurus 3.5"
Helisagedus 70 - 22 000 Hz (-10 dB)
Energiaväljund 26 W per Monitor
Välimised Mõõtmed 13.2 x 22.4 x 18.8 cm
Kaal 2.8 kg
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