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Teenage Engineering PO-12 Rhythm Rütmi Süntesaator

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Who needs fancy frills like an outer case, when you've got the solid drum sounds, killer effects, and intuitive sequencing Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operator PO-12 rhythm machine has to offer? Onboard this streamlined gadget, you'll find access to 16 tweakable drum sounds, a 16-step sequencer with 16 chainable patterns, and 16 effects you can use to sweeten things up.

Quality-made components deliver high-quality sound that'll even raise the most skeptical eyebrows among electronic-music enthusiasts. Plus, the Pocket Operator PO-12 runs so efficiently on just a pair of AAA batteries, that its standby time is measured in years. What's more, the PO-12 and the rest of the Pocket Operator line can sync to one another (and many other modular synths) over 3.5mm cables, so you can integrate them into a larger tabletop rig.
  • A drum machine with 16 sampled and synthesised drum sounds
  • 16 effects such as bit crush, stutter
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  • Teenage Engineering PO-12 Rhythm
Analoog/Digitaal Jah
Väljundid 1
Sequencer Jah
Pads/buttons Jah
Mõõtmed 10.1 x 6.3 x 2 cm
Kaal 68 g

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