Shure SE215-CL Kõrvaklapid (Läbipaistvad)

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Shure EABKF1 M
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The SE215 Sound Isolating Earphone features a Dynamic MicroDriver for a warm, detailed sound. A detachable, Kevlar® reinforced cable with formable wire allows for easy replacement and secure, comfortable fit. They work by using soft, flexible sleeves to block up to 90 % of the background noise. You can concentrate on your music, whether you are on-stage, in a train, on the street or working out. At the same time you can reduce the audio level to conserve your hearing.

Toote kasutusjuhend

Sagedusvahemik 22 - 17 500 Hz
Takistus 20 Ω
Tundlikkus 107 dB/mW
Headphones Foldable Ei
Kaal 30 g