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K&M 26740 Stuudio Monitori Statiiv (Must)

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The K&M 26740 37-56" Steel Monitor Stand in black is an incredibly stable stand with a wide cast iron base and plate for direct attachment of your monitor. The rod combination height adjustment even uses a clamping screw and safety splint for added security.

The 26740 is perfect for direct attachment of monitors with 3/8" treaded joint or for connector plates with screw attachments at 205 x 245mm.

Aesthetic Integrity
Keep your equipment in the background with this black aluminum monitor stand that comes with a non-marring height adjustment mechanism.

Incredible Stability
This steel stand with cast iron base is GS approved to support up to 77 lbs (35kg) and comes with a direct attachment plate.

Min. Statiivi kõrgus 95 cm
Max. Statiivi kõrgus 95 - 143 cm
Välimised Mõõtmed 20.5 x 24.5 x 95 cm
Kaal 10.16 kg