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K&M 26722 Monitor Stand

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Functional floor stand for near-field monitors and speakers. The solid and well-designed steel construction impresses with its enormous stability and holds your speakers securely in the desired position.
The flat tripod construction with large rubber pads ensures acoustic decoupling and a wobble-free stand. The support plate with self-adhesive rubber studs measures 280 x 320 mm. For the optimal listening height, you can choose six levels between 677 and 1132 mm. The slim clamp with safety hook is easy and comfortable to use. Alternatively, the cables can be routed inside the tube (without connector). A load capacity of 35 kg is possible when the load is centred.
  • Solid and well-designed steel construction
  • Flat tripod construction with large rubber pads
  • Choose six levels between 67.7 and 113.2 cm
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  • K&M 26722 Monitor Stand
Min. Statiivi kõrgus 67.7 cm
Max. Statiivi kõrgus 113.2 cm
Kaal 5.4 kg

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