IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors (Pair, White)

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The IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor Studio Referencing System, White are ultra-compact, professional, reference-quality studio monitors for producers and engineers. Featuring a super compact size, the IK Multimedia iLoud speakers can fit anywhere and can be easily taken anywhere. Offering excellent transparency and ultra-accurate true linear frequency response, the monitors allow you to hear accurate audio anytime, anywhere. The iLoud Micro features flexible placement and connections, as well as Bluetooth. Additionally, the iLoud monitors offer EQ controls for optimising your sound depending on their position. They are the ultimate, portable reference monitors for producers on the move.

High-End Sound
The IK Multimedia iLoud monitors offer professional, reference-quality sound without the high-end price. With a linear frequency response, zero coloration, transparency, and headroom, you hear accurate audio, allowing you to reference properly. You hear the truth in your music anytime and everywhere. The iLoud Micro Monitors are the smallest active studio reference monitors in the world. They feature a bi-amped design that delivers 50W RMS of power for solid, tight bass, plenty of headroom, and a defined stereo image. Whether you are mixing, mastering, recording, editing video or sound designing, the iLoud Micro Monitors ensure your productions translate well on other consumer audio systems including earphones, home stereo systems, car audio systems, TVs, and more.

Portable Design
Thanks to the compact design, the iLoud Micro Monitors can be positioned anywhere. Whether you are working in a bedroom, hotel room, or tour bus, the iLoud monitors are perfect as an additional reference monitor. The compact and lightweight design means they can be easily fitted into your bag and taken with you. Even with the compact design the monitors pack a powerful punch. Each tweeter and woofer is powered by ultra-efficient class D power amplifiers that deliver a total of 50W RMS and a low-end response down to 55Hz. These allow the monitors to deliver smooth highs, an open and focused mid-range, and solid, controlled low-end.

Flexible Connection
The iLoud monitors feature inputs for both RCA and 1/8'' connectors. Additionally, the monitors can be connected up with your Bluetooth enabled device for referencing your audio without a laptop or computer.

Flexible Positioning
Speakers are not usually designed for small environments. However, sometimes there is no other choice then to place them near a wall when you are in a small space. Luckily the iLoud monitors have been designed to be the best possible reference monitor in these small room situations. With their small footprint, the monitors save space on your desktop and ensure closer placement to your ears, thus minimising room reflections. The iLoud Micro Monitors feature various EQ settings for optimising bass and treble response as well as position compensation, allowing you to easily switch between 'free field' and 'desktop' setup. The monitors can also be angled with the integrated isolations base to get the best sound possible, allowing you to angle them perfectly so the sound is directed to your ears. These features help to optimise your listening experience to suit the room you are in. Additionally, the monitors can also be placed on a regular pair of mic stands.

  • Two bi-amped studio reference monitors for critical audio production
  • On-board 56-bit DSP for linear frequency response
  • Four high performance ultra-efficient class D power amps
  • 50W RMS total power
  • Phase accurate – perfect stereo imaging
  • Superior bass response
  • 45Hz bass extension
  • High and Low frequency level adjustment
  • DESKTOP switch for accurate response correction when placed on desktops
  • Comprehensive audio input: Bluetooth streaming, RCA, 1/8”
  • Thermoplastic enclosure designed to reduce internal resonance
  • Status/peak LED
Suurus 3"
Helisagedus 45 - 20 000 Hz
Energiaväljund 50 W
Sisendid 2 x RCA, 1/8" TRS, 4-pin speaker connector
Välimised Mõõtmed 18 x 13.5 x 9 cm
Kaal 1.72 kg

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