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Grado SR325x

Ilma käibemaksuta: 313,22 €
379,00 €
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From the cool looks of their metal earcup housings to their crisp, detailed sound, the SR325x headphones demand your full attention. They use Grado's newest X Series drivers to deliver a refinement of the company's much-loved signature sound. The new driver design has a lighter voice coil, redesigned diaphragms, and a more powerful magnetic circuit. Altogether, they are fast, balanced, and warm-sounding, with a surprising amount of bass and soundstage separation. You'll be able to pick out where instruments are at and lose yourself in the music.
Grado redesigned the headband and beefed it up with extra cushioning to improve comfort. They also made the cable more durable on the outside by thickening the jacket. On the inside, its super-annealed (heat-treated) copper wire improves signal transfer and purity.

  • Open-back, on-ear design
  • New 44mm X Series drivers provide better performance with less distortion
  • Eight-conductor connecting cable with super annealed-copper wire for improved signal clarity and control
  • Adjustable headband with extra cushioning for a, comfy fit
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  • Grado SR325x
Style On-ear
Headphones Type Wired
Open / Closed Avatud
Sagedusvahemik 18 - 20 000 Hz
Takistus 38 Ω
Tundlikkus 99.8 dB
Kaal 360 g
Värv Must