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Shure MoveMic One

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Get started creating content with hands-free, broadcast-quality audio quickly and easily using the MoveMic One from Shure. This easy-to-use wireless system features a tiny, ultralight, clip-on lavalier microphone, allowing you to record a single on-screen personality directly to your phone via Bluetooth using Shure's MOTIV Audio and Video apps for Android and iOS.

Small Mic, Big Sound

  • MoveMic has been purposely designed with one of the smallest, most discreet form factors on the market to be almost invisible—nobody wants a big, bulky microphone distracting your next shot.
  • The clip-on lav mic features an omnidirectional pickup pattern that make it easy to place on talent for broadcast-quality speech and vocals. Snap on the included windscreen to reduce breath noise and vocal pops.
  • Ensure the lavalier the microphone is worn with the clip facing outwards for the most discreet placement to make you or your subject the most important element in every shot.
  • The mic is rated IPX4 for water-resistance, so it's ready for rain, spills, and splashes.


Reliable Shure Audio

  • Don't worry about your kit, let your kit worry about you. Shure's decades of experience in producing wireless audio have been packed into the MoveMic family of microphones for reliability and durability.
  • Use the free ShurePlus MOTIV Video or Audio apps to configure audio settings such as gain, limiter, compression, noise reduction, and EQ and record/livestream your content directly from the app at a distance up to 100'.
  • Unlike traditional Bluetooth that prioritizes playback, Shure's proprietary in-app Bluetooth technology prioritizes audio input, ensuring reliable, broadcast-quality sound; you can even add another MoveMic Lav (available separately) and record audio from two people at the same time.
  • The clip-on lavs can operate at normal RF power or at high RF power when you need to maximize the distance or have to overcome interference. (High RF power isn’t available in all regions and is only applicable in the Americas. Normal RF power is available globally—including the Americas.)


Easy Pairing and Extended Battery Life

  • Get ready to record in seconds by pairing your MoveMic Lavalier Microphone to your phone via the free Shure MOTIV Video app or to your MoveMic Receiver (available separately).
  • After first pairing, the microphone will automatically reconnect to the last device when removed from the charging case and powered on.
  • When recording directly to the phone, the MoveMic Lavalier microphone will operate for up to 11 hours on normal RF power and over 8 hours on high RF power.
  • Plus, an additional two eight-hour charges from the charge case gives you at least 24 hours of recording for every full charge.
  • The case accommodates two MoveMic lavs, so you can easily expand the system with a second mic (available separately) when you're ready.

Add a Receiver for Cameras and Third-Party Apps

  • Not only does the MoveMic system offer up to two channels of high-quality audio recording, it has the power to connect directly to your phone via Bluetooth without the need for a separate hardware receiver. Simply download the Shure MOTIV Video or Audio app, connect your MoveMics within the app, and you're set.
  • Direct to phone is only recommended for use with the MOTIV Video and Audio Apps. Add the dual-channel MoveMic Receiver (available separately) for additional compatibility with third-party apps on mobile devices as well as DSLR/mirrorless cameras and computers.
  • 1-Person Interviews, Content & Podcasts
  • Mini Clip-On Mic/Transmitter
  • Record Direct to Phone via MOTIV Apps
  • Ultracompact, Quick and Easy to Use
  • IPX4 Water-Resistant
  • 100' Range
  • Includes Cables, Windscreens
  • 8-Hour Rechargeable Batteries
  • Charging Case for 24 Hours
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  • Shure MoveMic One 1-Person Clip-On Wireless Microphone System for Mobile Devices
  • Shure MoveMic Lav Clip-On Wireless Microphone for Mobile Devices & MoveMic Receiver
  • Black Windscreen
  • USB-C Cable
  • Shure MoveMic Charging Case
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Maksimaalne töökauguse ulatus 30 m (Line of Sight)
Maksimaalseid Süsteeme Setupi Kohta 2
Kaasas saatjad 1
Välimised Mõõtmed 2.2 x 4.6 x 1.5 cm
Kaal 8.2 g
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