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Nektar Panorama CS12

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The Nektar Panorama CS12 does what no other controller can do: Give full control of all Logic Pro channel strip parameters including plug-ins. There is nothing vanilla about Panorama CS12. The entire workflow is designed from the ground up, which enables astonishing features, with a workflow never seen on a control surface before.


A 100mm ALPS motorized fader follows the selected mixer channel when you work. With up to 14 bit resolution, you get detailed control with touch sensing enabling automation override and update captures in real time. Paired with a dedicated pan control, as well as buttons for solo, mute and record arm, you have instant access to all main mixer parameters on the selected channel.


Recording automation can get messy with lots of data generated even when a simple fader is needed. Panorama CS12 solves the problem by giving you the option to insert automation points. Touch the fader, set the value with the fader, and done! Jump to the next position in the timeline and insert another automation point. Clean, easy and fast.


Panorama CS12 excels at controlling plug-ins. You can control any plug-in without looking at the plug-ins’ UI so you can focus on creating, composing and editing. Many commonly used plug-ins are pre-mapped including of course Logic Pro’s own. Panorama CS12 dedicates 12 RGB illuminated 360 pots, 4 display buttons and an additional 4 RGB LED buttons to plug-in control. Every control can be assigned on multiple pages ensuring as a complete plug-in experience, with no parameter left behind. Via the ControlCore mapping system, it stores all settings in unique files so they can be ported to other computer systems and ensure compatibility with other DAWs in the future.

Any plug-in that presents its parameters for automation in Logic Pro, can be controlled from Panorama CS12. That includes Logic Pro’s own plug-ins and any AU plug-in hosted in Logic Pro. There is no wrapper. it just works.


CS12 control insert plug-ins like no controller has ever done before. The 8 plug-in slot select buttons are illuminated when plug-ins are present in the first 8 slots and the top button toggles between slots 1-8/9-16. Press a button and control the insert plug-in immediately. Press another button and now control that plug-in.


Control any parameter by simply clicking on it. The 100mm ALPS fader immediately jumps to the clicked parameters position and you take over from there. The fader or pan rotary, can be used to control any parameter in the currently selected Logic Pro channel, at any time.

Activate the Select button and the motorized fader now controls any parameter you click. Any mixer channel, instrument or insert effect plug-in parameters. Click, control, click control. Super easy.


A plug-in quick learn feature enables assignments on the fly. It’s as simple as moving a parameter and moving a control to complete assignment. And while you are at it, change the LED color of the control too.

For the ultimate in control mapping, use the included Nektarine application/plug-in. Assign parameters to controls using drag and drop, create your page structure and name parameters and pages so they are optimized for CS12. Once saved, plug-in maps are picked up by ControlCore for use with CS12.


14 bit control resolution is not limited to the motorized fader. With the Fine button (magnifier icon) enabled each of the 12 pots control at 14 bit resolution. In practice this means you’ll be able adjust parameters with the same fine grained values available through your plug-ins UI or up to 10 x regular control resolution.

So why not keep Fine on at all times? That’s of course possible and maybe it’s even preferable for some users. When you control at 10 times the resolution it’s not possible to scroll through all values in one rotation, you need 9 or 10 rotations. Switch So in that case switch ‘Fine’ control off.


Set left and right locators to just the right loop. With complete freedom, move the loop across the timeline by turning an encoder. Use the dedicated Goto Left and Goto Right locator to jump straight to the loop point. Create markers and with a button press, move the play head to the marker position anytime. You don’t have to learn Panorama CS12s power features to appreciate its liberating workflow. It’s the many details like the ability to move through your timeline, that makes Panorama CS12 special.

  • Long-throw 100mm motorized fader with up to 14-bit control resolution
  • Set volume and insert automation point at the current play position, by touching the fader
  • Dedicated pan control with channel color illumination, arm, mute and solo
  • Option to use fader or pan control to click and adjust any parameter in the current channel, including plug-ins
  • Advanced direct insert plug-in control of both AU and Logic Pros included insert effects
  • Control up to 12 sends per channel
  • Instrument control via Selected parameter, SmartControl or Logic Pro learn user pages
  • 11 color illuminated buttons for selection of plug-in slots, sends and channel menus
  • Fine control at up to 10 (14 bit) times normal resolution
  • Zoom and tempo controls
  • Access to 26 transport, navigation and Logic Pro functions
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  • Nektar Technology Panorama CS12 Logic Pro Channel Strip and DAW Plug-In Controller
  • USB-C to USB-A Cable
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