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Glorious Vinyl Vault (White)

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219,00 €
Uus toode. Esimene partii saabub 2024-06
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The Glorious Vinyl Vault not only protects records, but also displays them perfectly. It is the ideal combination of functionality, aesthetics and quality for vinyl collections. With practical drawers, the vinyl record cabinet offers a convenient way to browse through your records collection and display and organise them in an eye-catching way.

Sophisticated design for effortless browsing

The record storage cabinet is equipped with soft-closing drawers. Each drawer offers space for up to 80 valuable 30.4 cm records. The LPs are easily accessible at the back of the drawer thanks to the telescopic full-extension runner, making it easy to reach the desired albums. The back of the drawer is also steplessly adjustable for flexible record loading.


Modular solution for growing collections

With a total capacity of up to 160 30.4 cm records (capacity may vary depending on the type of cover), the modular storage solution is ideal for vinyl lovers with a growing collection. The modular design allows a perfect combination with other Vinyl Vault modules or the Glorious Record Rack 330 series.


Secure and stylish

Pre-drilled mounting holes ensure secure wall mounting and stability (mandatory). Thanks to Glorious's high design and quality standards, installation is simple and can be completed in just a few steps. The Glorious vinyl LP storage system is supplied flat-packed including mounting materials and is available in the classic colours black and white.

  • Modular record storage cabinet with convenient drawers for flipping through records
  • Perfect for displaying and sorting your record collection
  • Capacity for up to 160 pcs. 30.4 cm vinyl records (capacity may vary on type of cover)
  • Soft-closing drawers that each holds up to 80 pcs. 30.4 cm vinyl records
  • Vinyl drawers are on telescoping, full-extension hardware, so finding a record tucked in the back of the drawer is easy
  • Stepless adjustable drawer back panel for variable record capacity
  • Pre-drilled fixture holes for secure wall mounting (mandatory for safe installation)
  • Modular vinyl storage system matches further Vinyl Vault modules or also the Glorious Record Rack 330 series
  • Includes 4 felt glides for floor protection
  • Easy assembly in just a few steps with Glorious design & quality standards
  • Ships flat-packed, including assembly materials
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  • Glorious Vinyl Vault (White)
Värv Valge
Material Particle Board, MDF
Välimised Mõõtmed 40.6 x 34.2 x 85.6 cm
Kaal 17.90 kg

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