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Alpine PartyPlug Earplugs (Black)

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Protect your ears from the harmful effects of listening to loud music in discos, parties, or music concerts with the Alpine Hearing Protection PartyPlug Earplugs.

Instead of isolating the noise, they employ a special acoustic filter that attenuates the music level to an extent where you can enjoy the music as well as hear conversations and other ambient sounds. Made of soft, flexible, and durable thermoplastic material, these earplugs easily adapt to the shape of your auditory duct to give a comfortable, snug fit. And, thanks to the transparent filters, they will mostly go unnoticed at parties or gigs, so you can enjoy your favorite musical events without worrying about those nagging headaches afterwards.

  • Protect your ears
  • Made of soft, flexible, and durable thermoplastic material
  • Easily adapt to the shape
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  • Alpine PartyPlug Earplugs (Black)