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Tie Studio Midi 1i1o

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The in the USB plug integrated interface makes the Tie Studio MIDI 1i1o very leight and consolidated. It is the easiest way to connect MIDI Hardware with Windows or MAC Computers. A current chip set guarantees lowest latency and a stable timing. The power is supplied via USB, real Plug & Play makes a driver installation irrelevant.

Perfect for digital musicians who work with MIDI devices all the time such as MIDI keyboards and controllers. The chipset within the interface provides lowest latency possibly and stable timing, ideal for keyboard players. The Plug & Play capability and class compliant USB connection mean you can get connected and setup within seconds, minimising any tedious setup processes. The interface is also powered by USB which eliminates the need for bulky external power supplies. The light and compact nature of the interface means you can take it anywhere with you, with the cable measuring at around 2 metres in length.

  • USB MIDI-Interface
  • 1x MIDI-In, 1x MIDI Out
  • Interface integrated in USB Plug
  • Power supply via USB
  • Plug & Play, driver installation irrelevant
  • USB Class Compliant for Windows and MAC OSX
  • Total length: approx. 2m
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  • Tie Studio Midi 1i1o
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