Sonos Era 300 Stand (White, Pair)

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The Sonos Era 300 Stand gives you flexibility in speaker placement within your space.
This pair of stands in white lets you precisely position your Era 300 and is an ideal solution when bookshelf and table space is at a premium. The stand positions the Era 300 at approximately ear height for better acoustics and benefits from reduced reflections and vibration. It's color-matched to the Era 300 for a sleek and seamless look. Additional features include open access to all ports and controls, a built-in track in the pole for cleanly routing the power cable, and a weighted base for increased stability.
  • Pair of Stands for Sonos Era 300
  • Positions Speaker at Ear Height
  • Reduce Acoustic Reflections & Vibration
  • Pole Track for Clean-Power Cable Routing
  • Open Access to All Ports and Controls
  • Weighted Base for Increased Stability
  • Color-Matched to the Era 100
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  • Sonos Era 300 Stand (White, Pair)
  • Installation Hardware
Min. Statiivi kõrgus 95.61
Max. Statiivi kõrgus 95.61
Välimised Mõõtmed 95.61 x 32 x 32 cm
Kaal 4.7 kg
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