IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck (2 tk.)

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This pack of ISO-PUCKs from IsoAcoustics comprises a portable solution for decoupling speakers, amps, and DJ gear from surrounding environments, thus improving clarity and focus of the resulting sound. With a weight capacity of 20 lb (9 kg), each puck's upper flange features a suction cup design which sticks to the underside of the connecting cabinet, while the lower isolator adheres to whatever stand/surface you're using for support.


For Monitors, Amplifiers, DJ Gear & More
Portable Solution for Decoupling Needs
Provides Isolation and Decoupling
Improves Focus & Reduces Image Smearing
For Use in Studios & On the Stage
Suction Cup Design to Improve Isolation
20 lb (9 kg) Weight Capacity per Puck
2 Pucks per Pack

Max. Statiivi kõrgus 3 cm
Välimised Mõõtmed 3 x 6 cm