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Glorious Mix Station 2

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The Glorious Mix Station 2 transforms every living room into an affordable, professional DJ booth.
The convenient workstation design offers space for two turntables or CD/media players and a mixer - up to a width of 14'' - or a DJ controller with laptop. With its anti-vibration design the Glorious Mix Station 2 is especially sturdy, making it perfectly suited for any DJ application. The ergonomic height is ideal for mixing and smart outlets offer easy cable management.

Thanks to an easy assembly, in just a few steps the DJ table is ready for use in no time. The Mix Station 2 is made of solid particle board with a black finish and perfectly matches the Modular Mix and Vinyl Storage furniture series.
  • Fits 2 turntables or CD/media players and 1 mixer up to a width of 14’’ or a DJ controller with laptop
  • Turntables can be positioned vertically and horizontally
  • Sturdy, anti-vibration and ergonomic construction
  • Cable outlets on the front and side panels
  • Flat working surface suitable for classic and digital DJ Setups
  • Visually matching with the Glorious Modular Mix series and Vinyl Storage furniture
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  • Glorious Mix Station 2
Material Particle board
Välimised Mõõtmed 128 x 89.8 x 43 cm
Kaal 21.7 kg

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