Zaor MIZA 88XL (Black Cherry)

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The Zaor Miza 88 Studio Desk XL, Black Cherry is the big brother of the Miza 88, featuring a wider master surface keyboard draw and more integrated rack units. The Miza 88 XL helps to improve your workflow and accommodate a wide range of digital and analog music gear. The wide desktop surface features 3 x 4 rack units, designed to accommodate outboard studio gear. A pull-out keyboard draw is also included underneath, ideal for computer and music keyboards. The top surface is also ideal for up to two computer monitors, and studio monitors.

Three-Tier Studio Desk
The Miza 88 XL Black Cherry Studio Desk from Zaor is the ideal companion for any professional musician or studio engineer. Not only does it provide you with all the space you will need for your analog and digital gear. The three-tier design features a main work surface with a retractable surface below for keyboards and a raised surface above the main surface design for computer monitors and studio monitors. One of the most unique design aspect of this desk is the retractable surface designed for the master keyboard. The double-guided rail system provides added stability and the wider surface means it can fit virtually any master keyboard out there. It also ensures no wobble of vibration from fluid playing, acting as the legs of a piano for your master keyboard.

Integrated Rack Units
Building on the success of the Miza 88, the XL version features 12 integrated rack units in total. Located on the second tier of the desk, the rack units providing enough space for a range of outboard gear. The rack units provide an all-in-one solution for studio engineers and professional home users, giving you everything you need in one space. The rack units are configured in three sets of four units on the second tier. The three rack units provide 4U of rack space measuring at 19-inches in total. The versatile design of the desk means you can accommodate everything from computer monitors, drum machines, effects units, compressors and more.

Sleek, Sturdy Design
The sleek yet robust design of the desk makes it ideal for any environment from home studios to professional settings. The sleek finish not only looks good but utilises melamine-face chipboard panels for a cleaner finish. The solid-wood construction ensures the desk can handle a large amount of weight, as well as long-life span. Additionally, the Miza 88 XL Studio Desk features a drop-down cable tray, located at the rear of the desk for accommodating computer and audio cables.

  • Premium-grade studio desk for professional musicians and studio engineers
  • Designed to accommodate computer monitors, hardware gear, drum machines, master keyboard, audio interfaces and more
  • Three-tier design with retractable master keyboard draw
  • Integated 3 x 4 rack units
  • Master keyboard surface features sturdy legs for optimal stability
  • Double-rail guide system for maximum sturdiness
  • Melamine-faced chipboard panels
  • Solid wood construction
  • Cable tray in the back
  • Exterior Dimensions 156 x 101.5 x 98.6 cm

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