UDG Ultimate Fold Out DJ Table Silver Plus (Wheels) (U92049SL)

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UDG Ultimate Fold Out DJ Table is perfect companion piece for the DJ who likes to go completely modular. Use it for a home studio set up or on stage. Constructed from sturdy 9mm thick plywood, the outer sides are laminated in a black finish with a honeycomb/hexagonal "Stage Grip" pattern. It’s features edge roller wheels on one side for convenient transport and heavy-duty spring-loaded handles for secure lifting and loading.

UDG Ultimate Fold Out DJ Table provides a clean professional appearance and is conveniently easy to set up or tear down.

Välimised Mõõtmed 139.7 x 91.4 x 50.8 (Opened)
Kaal 21.8 kg
Mahutab Holds a Maximum Weight of 45 kg