Roland JU-06A

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Building upon the success of the JU-06, the Roland Boutique JU-06A Synthesizer Module is a recreation of the iconic JUNO-60 and JUNO-106 synthesizers. The new 4-voice JU-06A module features complements from both iconic synthesizers including the continuous high-pass filter of the 106, the envelope-controllable pulse-width-modulation of the 60, and the unique filter behavior of both, instantly switchable from the front panel. All parameters are controllable via the front panel and deliver that classic JUNO sound, complete with the highly sought-after JUNO chorus effect.
The JU-06A features an arpeggiator and a step sequencer plus chord memory. This allows for the creation of sequenced lines with chord memory, resulting in thick polyphonic phrases. The instrument easily plays and syncs with just about any piece of gear thanks to the USB audio/MIDI and full-sized MIDI jacks. Additionally, the clock output allows you to connect analog gear such as vintage analog instruments or modern Eurorack systems. The clock input syncs the onboard sequencer of the JU-06A, which can result in unexpected phrases, rhythmic variations, and other happy accidents.
  • Compact recreation of the iconic JUNO-106 / JUNO-60 synthesizers
  • Retains the feel, sound character and user interface of the original JUNO-106/60
  • Adds several additions not found on the original JUNO-106, including a faster LFO and continuously variable HPF
  • Chain mode allows two JU-06A to function as one 8-voice module
  • Highly portable for mobile music making
  • High-quality construction with metal front panel
  • Dual ribbon controllers for pitch bend, modulation, and sound preview
  • Battery-operated (4x AA) or USB powered
  • 24-bit / 44.1 kHz stereo IN/OUT USB audio interface
  • Built-in 0.5W mini-speaker for instant enjoyment
  • Compatible with optional K-25m keyboard unit

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  • Roland Boutique JU-06A Synthesizer Module
  • 4 x Alkaline Battery (AA, LR6)
Polüfoonia Polyphonic
Tooteomadused Oscillator
Välimised Mõõtmed 30.0 x 12.8 x 4.9 cm
Kaal 995 g
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