Polyend Play

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Looking for a sample-based groovebox that's both inspiring and simple to use? Check out the Polyend Play, a powerful music making machine with eight audio tracks and eight MIDI tracks that works as the centerpiece in your studio or onstage. The Play includes over 30 sample kits with over 3000 high-quality samples to get you going out of the box.
With an open sandbox approach for creating and performing grooves, the Play provides you with the freedom to instantly mix things up with tons of different playback and performance functions and effects. Perform mode allows you to make nondestructive changes to your tracks, via performance effects including Tune, Filter, Overdrive, Rearranger, Reverb, and many more. The Play is powered by the included 5V/1A USB adapter but can also use portable power banks or a computer. A USB-C cable, 3.5mm TRS to dual 1/4" audio cable, 3.5mm to DIN MIDI adapter, 16GB microSD card, and a microSD to USB-A adapter are included.
  • 8 Audio and 8 MIDI Tracks
  • 35 Different Play Modes
  • Chance and Action Combo, Randomizer
  • Smart Fill Makes Beats, Euclidean Spread
  • Includes 16GB MicroSD Card and Adapter
  • 30 Sample Kits, Over 3000 Sounds
  • Real-Time and Punch-In Effects
  • Step Repeater + Real Time Performance FX
  • Scale Filtering + Live Automation Record
  • USB Cables, MIDI DIN, and Audio Cables
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  • Polyend Play
  • Power Supply
  • Polyend USB-C Cable
  • 3.5mm TRS to Dual 1/4" Audio Cable
  • 3.5mm to MIDI DIN Adapter (Type B)
  • 16GB MicroSD Card
  • MicroSD to USB-A Adapter
Analog/Digital Jah
Väljundid 1
USB 1 x USB Type-C (Bus Power)
Sequencer Jah
Pads/buttons Jah
Mõõtmed 27.9 x 20.3 x 4.6 cm
Kaal 1.3 kg
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