Native Instruments Traktor Scratch A6

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Native Instruments' Traktor Scratch A6 digital DJ system is more than just an ordinary DJ package. This bundles comes with everything you might need to make dance floor hits in a competitive market quality: Traktor Pro 2.5, a full set of Traktor Scratch MK2 timecode records (both CDs and vinyls) and a Traktor Audio 6 USB audio interface. So if you have some turntables and a computer, nothing is stopping you from getting as creative as you always wanted to be in the digital world. Also, besides the superb Traktor Pro 2.5 software, timecode with the Traktor Scratch A6 is next to nothing. In the box you will find the next-gen Traktor Scratch MK2 timecode records (CDs and vinyls), which have a control signal of 2kHz high-def-resolution. This means that your music will acquire precision that is simply impossible to get in any other way. There is a reason why modern convenience wins over the old-school approach to DJ'ing, and Traktor Scratch A6 Bundle illustrates it perfectly.

  • 6-in / 6-out timecode-based digital DJ system
  • Traktor Pro 2.5 software lets you access up to four playback decks
  • 6-in / 6-out Traktor Audio USB interface gives you all I/O that you might need
  • 24-bit/96kHz resolution recording and playback
  • A variety of integrated effects
  • Includes a set of Traktor Scratch MK2 timecode discs, including control CDs and 120g timecode vinyls 

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Traktor Pro 2.5 DJ software
2 x controls CDs
2 x control vinyls
Power adapter
User manual