Erica Synths Drum Mixer

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The Erica Drum Mixer offers clean sound with an excellent dynamic range. Seven level-adjustable inputs are available. An optical compressor gives the mix a more punchy character. Besides the main output, there is an Aux output with routing options. Thanks to this, it is possible to feed only a few selected drums to external effects. The Drum Mixer features seven inputs with level potentiometers. Internally, the individual signals are summed up and fed to a Vactrol-based compressor. Via knobs, you can adjust the amount of dynamic processing and the release time. Results are emitted at the Main connector. In addition, an Aux output is available. Channel one to three can be routed to the master or the master plus the aux output.

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Laius 14HP
Modular Power 30 mA at +12 V / 20 mA at -12 V