Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus (White)

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The beyerdynamic CUSTOM One Pro Plus is a set of closed-back over-ear headphones combining exceptional sound with many customisable features to achieve an interactive music experience: adjustable bass response, lots of cool styles and detachable cable. These dynamic headphones therefore constitute a versatile all-in-one, super-flexible solution suitable for almost any application. The word “Plus” in the name CUSTOM One Pro Plusrepresents the extensive range of design and comfort features provided as a standard.

The CUSTOM One Pro Plus is handcrafted in Germany using only the best components available. The over-ear headphones are provided with a flexible metal headband and extremely rugged metal yokes. As with all models from beyerdynamic, you can replace all parts even years after purchase.

  • Circumaural headphone for listening to music on the go on the smartphone and at home on the PC/stereo system
  • The CUSTOM Sound Slider adapts the sound profile to suit the user's preferences and music genre
  • Changeable design: colour rings, design covers (16 pcs. inculsive) as well as ear and headband pads
  • Headset cable with handsfree microphone and flexible media control

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  • Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Dynamic Headphones (White)
  • Single-sided cable 1.5m
Kujundus Over-ear
Tüüp Suletud
Sagedusvahemik 5 - 35 000 Hz
Takistus 16 Ω
Tundlikkus 96 dB/mW
Maks. Sisendvõimsus 100 mW
Headphones Foldable Ei
Kaal 290 g