Arturia Pigments 3

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The polychromatic synthesizer has evolved into a state-of-the-art instrument that spans every shade of synthesis.
Pigments 3 introduces the boundless power of additive synthesis, an impressive utility engine with sub oscillator and dual noise sample players, the iconic filter from Jup-8 V, 4 incredible new FX including a multiband compressor, and so much more.
  • NEW Harmonic engine - detailed additive synthesis with up to 512 partials, dual formant filters that can be morphed from A to B, odd and even harmonic customization, and various colorful ways to modulate partials
  • NEW 3rd Utility engine - add a sub oscillator and up to 2 noise sample layers for extra depth and sonic color
  • NEW 64 new wavetables, bringing the total to 164
  • NEW Ramp waveform for Virtual Analog engine
  • NEW Jup-8 V4 Low-pass filter - the revered filter from our meticulous emulation of a polysynth icon
  • NEW Enhanced filter routing - route either filter to either FX Bus for detailed sound
  • NEW Pitch Delay - a clean, modern algorithm for creating exciting pitch-shifting ambience
  • NEW Multi-Band Compressor - a much-requested tool for creating a tight mix-ready sound
  • NEW BL-20 Flanger - a faithful reimagining of an elusive analog studio effect
  • NEW Chorus JUN-6 - one-touch analog sparkle and stereo fatness, taken from our faithful Juno-6 emulation
  • NEW expertly-crafted presets by world-class sound designers
  • NEW Enhanced in-app tutorials
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