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You might imagine that an analogue drum machine with 17 killer instruments across 12 channels with individual outs, each passing through a dynamite Steiner-Parker filter, easily connectable to vintage gear or modern DAWs, would involve some compromises to come in at this price. You’d be wrong!
DrumBrute is another fine example of Arturia confounding expectations and delivering serious gear that won’t break the bank; stunning sounds, an intuitive sequencer, everything immediately accessible from the front panel, all the connectivity you’ll need for your vintage and modern gear, and delivered in a solid and confidence-inspiring metal and wood hardware package.

An all-in-one drum machine that bridges the gap between inspiration and creativity, DrumBrute is gaining rave reviews across the board, and rapidly finding it’s way into live rigs and studios alike. A future classic.
  • 17 pure analogue drum sounds
  • 64 patterns, each up to 64 steps
  • Song mode, for chaining patterns into longer sequences
  • Steiner-Parker output filter with low pass/high pass/bypass
  • Swing, Randomness and Pattern Looper
  • USB MIDI interface
  • Multiple sync options (internal MIDI, clock, din sync)
  • Full size 5 pin MIDI in and out sockets
  • Mix out plus 12 individual outs

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  • Arturia DrumBrute
  • 12v DC Power supply
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